Kish Island

Kish Island with an area of 92 square kilometers, a coastline of 2 kilometers and an almost oval overall shape, is located 2 kilometers from the (with Aftab Port) in the Persian Gulf.Kish is located in the first quarter along the coast of the Persian Gulf 2 km south of the mouth of the Persian Gulf and near the end of the waterway in the Strait of Hormuz. Kish is one of the islands of the Persian Gulf and is part of Kish Island, Bandar Lengeh city in Hormozgan province.The island's surface lacks specific topography, such as mountain phenomena and even high hills. Kish International Airport is located in the center and in the upper part of it, about 4-5 meters high. Most of the island's slope is north of the airport to the beach (Shayan Hotel).

About Kish
Kish is one of the four regions in the world with a higher oxygen content than any other region, which is why chemical war veterans on the island can breathe easily without using an oxygen mask, and ordinary people will feel less tired after many hours of sightseeing.Many people on their first trip to Kish have said that they like to live on the island. We have heard this from many people. The tranquility, beauty and clean air of Kish Island attracts many people.But many can't tolerate the island's silence, and after a few months they get caught up in the polluted, noisy and vibrant urban air again.But we must not forget that many people seek peace and it is the silence of the island that gives them hope in life. Living on the island is not difficult, you just have to know it to be able to enjoy your in the best way. Kish is one of the safest cities in Iran and perhaps the world.The public facilities in Kish are very high, and many people who live in the island for a few days wish for a permanent life in Kish, but we suggest you pay attention to the following.

Kish weather
The climate in Kish is warm and humid, with an average annual temperature of ٢٦.٦° C. The climate of the island is influenced by different masses of northwest and south air and is generally dry and rainy. Most of the rainfall occurs in the winter months.
Some of the island's tourist attractions are as follows:
  • Island Coral Beach
  • Permanent Exhibition by Professor Kiomars Sayad
  • Traditional Warehouse Water
  • Greece ship
  • Kish Grand Recreational Dock
  • mosques
  • Green Tree Complex
  • Dolphin Park
  • Birds Garden
  • Kariz underground city
  • Sea turtles
  • The aquarium
  • Ancient city of Harirah
  • Safari Kish
  • Kish Universities and Schools