Purpose of the Symposium

The tourism industry is very important in two main aspects: firstly, it cause awareness about  other cultures, races, ethnicities, lands, dialects, etc., and secondly, it is economically a source of income and currency.
Various countries around the world seek to attract  tourists with their different facilities and also their various attractions . Tourism is now becoming one of the key pillars of the world business economy and many development planners and policymakers refer to the tourism industry as a key pillar of sustainable development.
One of the goals of this symposium is to identify the factors affecting investment in tourism and to evaluate ways to finance investment and introduce capacities and  opportunities for tourism in ECO countries, as well as to explore new and international ways to attract investment with the development of tourism industry and also  exchanging of information with these countries.

Planning for this symposium
Specialized Seminar with National Tourism Managers and Eco-Government Officials Specialized Panels with Managers and Activists of Tourism and Investment and authorities of Eco countries , Investment Activists and Government Managers and Eco-Government Officials .Meetings of International Investment Cooperation Synergy meetings and Exchange of information from tourism industry activists' lectures by ambassadors of ECO countries and introduction of tourism investment opportunities in these countries.


In this forum, investment  companies in the tourism, hospitality, and executives and officials of this sector will discuss and conclude cooperation agreements  in this field.

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